Creative Learning Centre

Spring into action is now the Creative Learning Centre, located at 9 Moore st, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Please go to for up to date information.

Dance Classes

Our dance classes have an emphasis on enjoyment and development. Some classes are conducted by Robyn, who is a professional dancer and teacher who is particularly interested in combining creativity and dance technique. Enquiries can be made for other times and locations including schools, after school care programs and kinders.

Discover Dance
2-5 years
Move to music. Develop coordination, imagination, social interaction and confidence while dancing. Experience a variety of musical styles through dance play.

Creative Ballet
4-12 years
Learn dance technique in a creative and fun environment. While developing a strong technical base there will be opportunity to explore movement through improvisation, music and choreography.

Dance & Create
5-20 years
Enjoy a mix of ballet and jazz inspired dance, improvised dance and posture-improving exercises in a fun and supportive environment. This class suits creative thinkers who enjoy moving and children who have special needs.


In the last few years we have been involved with the Dance and the Child International Dance Festival. This is generally an out-door or location-specific event and involves other creative dance schools such as Mangala Studios, Lieto Dance Studio and Cecil Street. In 1999, Spring into Action dancers created a dance inspired by the Exhibition Centre Fountain in Carlton Gardens.

Each year we generally have our own within-school performance which is very low-key and relaxed - often on a Sunday afternoon. Each year, the performance evolves around the students that we have. Sometimes we also have contributions from parents. In 2007, there were only four performers who each contributed their own solo piece. In 2008, there were about 30 performers with the Drama group contributing as well as the dancers.

Dance or Drama for Specific Needs

These sessions provide an opportunity for children who have specific needs to experience the performing arts as part of their ongoing development. They develop skills in group interaction at the same time as learning skills that may become a life-long leisure pursuit. The rationale for the groups is based on my research project which I completed as part of a Masters in Applied Science in 1999. The research indicated that the performing arts can provide people who have support needs with a sense of value and a sense of community. The two groups that are occurring in 2009 are:

Parent-Child Dance & Play
Discover dance and song in a creative, supportive environment. Be inspired to play socially & imaginatively. This 90 minute Playgroup Victoria group is designed for children who have specific developmental needs but all children are welcome. It is run by Early Childhood Intervention teacher & includes Dance and Occupational Therapy with me.

Boyz Drama
School age: Tues arvo 7-14 years - Lee
Experiment with social situations using drama and movement. This group is designed to be a safe place for boys who may have had a bit of a rough journey in the past through social situations (eg. due to having Asperger’s Syndrome) but are ready to forge ahead to learn new public speaking and theatrical skills.

Occupational Therapy

As an occupational therapist, I provide sensory and motor assessments and make suggestions for developing
- attention and concentration
- motor strength and coordination
- self-regulation and confidence
- play/leisure skills
- living skills (eg, dressing, eating etc)

Sessions may include home practice plans, consultation with kinder or school teachers and/or parent support. Costs are $120-180 per hour depending on location. Rebates from Medicare (Enhanced Primary Care Plan, Better Access to Mental Health and Autism Plan), Fahcsia or Private Health Funds are available for these sessions.

I collaborate with the Travelling Autism Teachers and psychologists who provide parents with programs for home. I also work at Crisalida in Fitzroy, which has a fantastic team who focus on the social and emotional well-being of children and their families. Phone:9481-1233

On Fridays I collaborate with Behavioural Optometrists to develop programs for primary school age children who are having difficulty with reading, writing, spelling or maths. Ring Laubman & Pank on 9375 3111 for an Optometric Assessment first.